Wesley Community Center

Amarillo Wesley Community Center is located in the heart of the Hispanic Barrio at 1615 S. Roberts, Amarillo, TX 79102. Wesley’s Mission is to serve as a neighborhood center where people come to learn, to play and to work together. Wesley Community Center strives to create an environment where positive self-worth can be realized. The Center seeks to maximize both individual potential and community empowerment through educational, recreational, and spiritual activities for children, youth, and adults of all races and faiths.

Wesley was established in 1951 by a group of women volunteers from Polk Street United Methodist Church. The original services provided to the community by Wesley included sewing classes, English as a Second Language classes, arts and crafts and athletic activities for youth, and day care. In June of 1967, Reverend Jacinto Alderete was named Executive Director of Amarillo Wesley Community Center and he served as the director for 31 years. After his retirement, Belinda G. Taylor was appointed to Executive Director. She served as Executive Director for 13 years. Following Belinda’s retirement, Liz Rascon was appointed and is currently serving as Executive Director for Amarillo Wesley Community Center.

For more information, please visit www.wesleyamarillo.org


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