Overseas Missions

St. Paul United Methodist Church has been involved in missions for decades. This church has sent mission teams to Mexico, Haiti, Russia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Peru to help the less fortunate.

Team members have continually expressed the gratification they have felt from helping others. The people from third world countries are less fortunate, through no fault of their own in most cases. Their country is poor and it puts a huge burden on the people that live in that country in so many ways.

Our mission teams go and spread the word and love of Jesus Christ. We have had vision clinics in small villages to help people see better. We have built small cinder block houses for families. We have done various construction projects to help their communities and churches spread the love of Jesus Christ.

In El Salvador we built 18 wood burning stoves with chimneys. The people there were cooking inside with an open fire and causing Heath issues. The next year we went back and built tilapia fish tanks to give themselves a cash crop to help support their families.

All of our team members contributed money to help start a credit union so village members could get low interest loans.