I.R.T. Team

I.R.T. – Immaculate Reception Team of St. Paul’s – is so named because our team of volunteer receptionists have the drive, determination and commitment shown by NFL player Franco Harris who made one of the most famous plays in history of American football when his reception was a turning point for his team, the Steelers.

Our team is made up of mostly retired men and women who find this place of service a blessing both from and for God’s church.  In addition to helping with general office work under the direction of Lynn Cawthon, our administrative secretary, the Immaculate Reception Team provides hospitality and welcome and is the first voice heard when people call the church office.

Most team members serve one morning or afternoon a month, although some enjoy it so much that they work more than one time.

Are you interested in joining the team?  We have some times open.  Please call Lynn Cawthon at:  806.352.5615 to find your place of service.