Evon’s Hope

Why the name “EVON’S HOPE”?

John and Odette’s firstborn was a beautiful daughter named Evon. This precious child contracted malaria when she was 2 years old and died from this now curable and treatable disease. It seems fitting to honor her short life and to dedicate this mission of taking care of children to the memory of John and Odette’s daughter. Pray with us that this name will be approved in the HOPE that others will benefit for years to come in the memory of EVON.


A Message from John Runezerwa and Perry Hunsaker:
My Friends,
My family have been Christians for several generations in the Congo. When I was very young, a Christian prophet came to our village. He prayed for my family and prophesied that I would someday care for children in Africa and throughout the world.
God opened the door for my family to come to America in 2007. Jesus has given me a new family and many new Christian friends in my new country. Now He has opened the door for me to return to Africa with the help of a team that shares my heart and vision. This trip and ministry will be a converging, like a highway, connecting two countries. Pray for a location to provide for children and local staff to serve. Pray for our safe trip with God’s guidance and blessings.  Thank you Jesus! John

JUNE 10, 2015

Dear Friends,
It is official:  Evon’s Hope is a non-profit corporation in Texas!  We are now waiting to hear from the IRS acceptance of our application.    We are praying that it will be approved in the next 90 days.  In the meantime, I want to thank Lynn Cawthon and the staff at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Amarillo, TX for handling all of our finances, transfers and keeping records for Evon’s Hope.  We would not be able to come as far as we have without your help.  Thank you.

Once we receive the IRS non-profit status a web page will be designed and donations can be made directly from our website.  Until then, donations can still be made to “Evon’s Hope” at Saint Paul UMC, 4317 I-40 West, Amarillo, Texas 79106.

John briefly touched on the political unrest in Burundi.  If you are interested, you can “Google” Burundi news and read all that is going on there.  Dr. Aline Muryango is head of our team in Burundi.  She, along with her family and the rest of our team, have had to flee to Uganda for safety until this political crisis is resolved.   Our house mothers have remained with our children at the Gatumba camp and, at this time, the children are safe.  We pray and trust that God is providing food and medicine from other resources in the temporary absence of Evon’s Hope.  As soon as this crisis is over we will have our “boots” back on the ground and providing for our children’s needs at Gatumba.

Our board of directors met last evening to discuss what we can do to help the Burundian refugees now residing in Uganda, many who are children 10 years and younger.  Dr. Muryango has been providing limited help out of her own pocket but her resources have not lasted long.  Our board voted to temporarily send $1000 per month to help her in providing food, shelter and medicine for those that she is in contact with.  Although what we send does not go directly to our children in Gatumba at this time, we are able to help those right now that have no help or hope of obtaining help.  Through prayer we feel that this is the right direction for Evon’s Hope to take at the current time.   Funds are still needed to meet these needs and to have resources available  to quickly supply the Gatumba camp at the end of this crisis.

I know that you pray with me for quick resolutions and that Burundi will soon be restored to peace and normalcy so their citizens may return home.

“Just as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”  Matthew 25:40